Re-Stringing the Mountain

by | 24 Mar, 2009

Sourcing good playable instruments for those who have lost them in the fires.

Many of us have perfectly fine, playable instruments in the house that we don’t use, maybe we have upgraded or found other interests or for whatever reason they are gathering dust. Here is an opportunity to put them to good use today.

Many people who have lost their homes in Australia’s recent Victorian bushfires may have also lost cherished musical instruments. Whether they were the kids favourite ukulele or an inherited vintage instrument, they will for the most part be irreplaceable, and sorely missed.

You can offer some consolation by contributing an instrument that you might have lying around the house. You can donate any kind of instrument or accessory, recorders, guitars, trumpets, balalaikas, learning books, anything.

Instruments can be delivered to the guitar Gallery at 30 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC, and we will arrange distribution to Bushfire victims. Tel. 03 9417 2252 or more info The Guitar Gallery

Registrations for assistance from the program can be forward via mail to the above address, email to The Guitar Gallery or via phone on (03) 9417 2252.