Railroad Without A Train – Jr. Williams

by | 15 Sep, 2021

Railroad Without a Train by Jr. Williams

New Jr. Williams Single Railroad Town Without A Train

Mountain Fever Records is releasing a new single by Jr. Williams, Railroad Town Without A Train today This solid bluegrass song was written by the great talents of Thomm Jutz and Tim Stafford. Jr called in Adam Steffey for the mandolin, Aaron Ramsey for guitar, and Jeff Partin for Dobro, bass, and harmony vocals. Jr Williams sings lead and harmony vocals. Give it a listen right here and save it on your favorite music platform.

Jr. Williams began playing guitar and singing at age six, later mastering the banjo while developing his unique style. In a featured interview with Banjo News, Scott Anderson writes, “Good music can hit you hard and really get your attention with its raw emotion and power. That’s how Jr. Williams’ banjo playing and singing struck me. Junior’s picking has substance and guts. He has great timing, so the notes are always in the right spots.”

In Railroad Town Without A Train Jr. connects us to the cultural relevance of the story in this song conveying his emotion on the topic in a way that helps us all understand through and through what the song is talking about. His performance is a fine example of inspired bluegrass, and the collaboration behind the music.

You can stream or buy the track here.