ProPik – Split Wrap, Angled Finger Pick


ProPik’s Split Wrap picks with an angled blade.

Choose from Nickel-Silver or Brass in three different tone colours. Hand finished to the highest quality. Made in U.S.A.

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ProPik Extra Comfortable Split Wrap, Angled

Hand crafted –  For Extra Comfort And Great Tone

Over the years, players have made all kinds of alterations to their picks (and their technique) to make them work better. These one-of-a-kind angled picks let you hit the strings squarely with minimised finger movement, so you get a boost of tone, speed and volume.

Super comfortable fit—stays tight and secure to your finger without pinching or digging into cuticle. You can customise your tone by choosing from two metals and three blade styles all of which are angled for better alignment.

  • ProPik # 3 – Bright
  • ProPik # 2 – Brighter
  • ProPik # 1 – Brightest

Your choice of blade (#1 – #3) will slightly alter the picks overall tone. The more pointed the blade the brighter the tone. Of the three blade styles in the ProPik range # 1 is the most pointed while # 3 is the least pointed. The blade number is located just below the ProPik logo.


  • Gauge: .025″
  • Wrap: Split
  • Metal: Nickel-Silver or Brass
  • Blade Style: #1, #2 or #3 (see video below)
  • Made in USA

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Brass, Nickel-Silver


ProPik #1, ProPik #2, ProPik #3

2 reviews for ProPik – Split Wrap, Angled Finger Pick

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    A mate donated me a pair of split wrap #3 ProPiks, much better fit than the selection of single wrap metal picks I have.
    I play for hours now no prob. Bought #2s from recently, am preferring the sharper attack.
    Looking to try the thumbpicks and #1s when they are back in stock here, now Propik are back in production. Shipping from Propik is exy, so this is the place to buy, as AB charges same price for the actual picks.

  2. Dave V

    Thank you for these picks. They are without doubt the most comfortable picks I have ever tried.

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