The Flying Emus


The Flying Emus

Flying EmusThe Flying Emus were one of Australia’s leading bluegrass bands from the late 1980’s. Several on the band members played in the Slim Dusty band and the Emus were formed during a six-year period when Slim Dusty had stopped touring. Their popularity led them to a range of radio and television appearances and by 1988 the group had picked up a prized ARIA Music Award for Best Country Album for their album This Town. The Flying Emus also won CMAA Country Music Awards in 1986 (Instrumental of the Year and Vocal Group or Duo of the Year), 1987 (Instrumental of the Year and Vocal Group or Duo of the Year), 1988 (Instrumental of the Year) and 1991 (Instrumental of the Year). The Emus mainstay consisted of Mike Kerin on fiddle, Ian Simpson on banjo and guitar, John Kane on guitar and mandolin, Genni Kane lead vocals and guitar. Other members of the band included Hanuman Dass on percussion , Michael Vidale on bass. The band line up also included Malcolm Wakeford on percussion and Graham Thompson on bass.


  • Look Out Below (1985) – Larrikin
  • This Town (1987) – Flying Emu Productions / Festival
  • Postcards From Paradise (1989) – Infinity/Festival
  • Thank You and Goodnight (1990) – Infinity/Festival


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