30 September 2022

The Promised Band – Mike and Peter Hayes

 From "Our Kinda Country Magazine" - June 1974 The following article from a magazine "Our Kinda Country" - June 1974, was provided by Doug Wallace of Melbourne. The Promised Band is a group of four very talented musicians whom you will be seeing and hearing much more of during the coming months. … [Read More...]

Justin Price Rees

Justin was three time National Fiddle Champion in the years 1988, 1989 and 1992, Tamworth and winning his first title at age 15. More recently though Justin would be remembered as fiddle player in the Victorian band Hardrive. Justin was born in Bishops Stortford , U.K. and came to Australia when … [Read More...]

Peter Somerville

Peter was born in Melbourne, Victoria where he still lives. He was a comparatively late starter as a musician, taking up guitar at 20 years old. It was not long before he heard the bluegrass records, Old and in the Way and Bill Monroe Live at Bean Blossom Festival and got hooked on learning the … [Read More...]

Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher was born in Perth, Western Australia. As a child he had lived on different continents, traveling to and from the UK by ship twice by the time I was 12. His second stay in England was in the time of the Beatles, 63 – 66, and the whole music scene of the time became his life. He returned to … [Read More...]

Doug Wallace

My interest in music, in general, stems from my childhood, surrounded by family who had been involved in the music and entertainment industry for several generations.  Scottish folk and country dance music was played by both sides of our family and my mother’s parents were top billing performers  in … [Read More...]

Flying Emus

The Flying Emus were one of Australia's leading bluegrass bands from the late 1980's. Several on the band members played in the Slim Dusty band and the Emus were formed during a six-year period when Slim Dusty had stopped touring. Their popularity led them to a range of radio and television … [Read More...]

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