Porchlight Sessions 10-Day Sprint

by | 21 Apr, 2012

Kickstarter fundraiser for The Porchlight Sessions is on the final count down. T-Minus 10 Days and counting to The Porchlight Sessions, Bluegrass Music Documentary.

Over the past several weeks, the Porchlight Sessions team have seen an outpouring of support for the film from around the world. Fans in Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark and the UK have contributed, which really shows the reach of the legacy of Bluegrass. This is an all or nothing pledge drive and the team invites you to be a part of their efforts to document, preserve, and present the history of the music for a whole new generation.

Since Deering Banjos learned about the project they have been on board helping to sponsor and promote. To take it to the finish line, they have teamed up with a fantastic band and put together the prize of the autographed Eagle II banjo by Mumford & Sons, one of the top bands of today whose music has been inspired by Bluegrass! Anyone who donates $2,000 or more to The Porchlight Sessions Kickstarter campaign will be entered to win this awesome prize,

In addition to this special opportunity to win a beautiful banjo, by contributing to this project you have the chance to help support something near and dear to the family of Bluegrass’ heart – the continuation of digitally restoring historical Bluegrass films and photographs.

The team has added some great incentives like autographed LPs and Skype one-on-one Master Level music lessons with Alison Brown and Tim O’Brien. If you have already supported, spread the word to all of your finger pickin’ friends. Already donated but want to sweep up one of these new prizes? Look into upgrading your pledge on the site.

Don’t miss the Kickstarter donor exclusive Hatch Show Prints that we are making for the film. Since being in Nashville this past week, I’ve been getting more and more excited about working with them to create our letterpress prints for The Porchlight Sessions. Anna Schwaber Producer/Director.

If you or anyone you know is interested in sponsorship opportunities, take a look at the sponsor packet – see the banner advertisement on this website.