Peter Rowan To Play Teesdale

by | 30 Jan, 2012 | 2 comments

Peter Rowan Bluegrass BandOn the 24th of March 2012 the Twilight at Turtle Bend celebration will host Grammy Award winning Peter Rowan and his internationally acclaimed Bluegrass band. Direct from the USA, The Peter Rowan Bluegrass band has been described as the finest and best credentialed bluegrass band ever to tour Australia. Four brilliant musicians will give an extraordinary night’s entertainment by performing work from their recently celebrated recording, ‘Legacy’ .

One of the aims of Twilight at Turtle Bend is to provide exposure and opportunities for new talent and so newcomers, Jack Gramski and Jamie Pye will also feature in the evenings lineup. Having received many accolades for their work, Jack and Jamie promise to add their own brand of raw and exiting music to the event.

Proudly supported by the Golden Plains Shire and local businesses, the event will offer a rare opportunity for Bluegrass and Folk music fans to be entertained in a uniquely beautiful setting. Situated in the heart of Teesdale, Turtle Bend with its iconic ‘turtle’ pavilion is testament to the township’s ongoing commitment to community, the environment and the arts. The annual celebration has become a showcase of local and international artists and will once again host the magical lantern parade, a highlight of the night’s proceedings.

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  1. Greg McGrath

    Thanks Daryl,
    Good luck with it all. We are fortunate to has artists of this class touring the country.