Pete Wernick – DVD Release

by | 21 Dec, 2009

Make Up Your Own Solos #2

Watch for a new video next month released by Dr Banjo, Mr Pete Wernick. The DVD is called Make Up Your Own Solos #2, focusing on the keys of D, C, and F in G tuning without a capo, as well as up the neck in G.

This is the second in the series by Pete Wernick. Volume 1, released in July this year was reviewed recently in Banjo Newsletter. It covers basic soloing in G.

If you are looking to get a DVD or anything from our store in time for Dec. 24, it’s not too late. Orders we get by next Monday, Dec. 21 will go out that day to arrive within 3 days, at our usual rate. – Pete Wernick.

You can view the entire collection of Pete Wernick DVD’s at Dr