Patt and Possum Show on YouTube

by | 27 Mar, 2020

Patt & Possum (aka Patt Plunkett & Charlie Walden) are hosting a live show every night at 8:00 pm Central (USA) for 30 minutes. It’s on YouTube. There’ll be fiddlin’ and singing and piano plunketting and puns and bad jokes. We have been invited to join them (virtually speaking) in their living room every night.

There are two ways to find the show:

  1. Subscribe to Charlie’s YouTube channel at. When you subscribe be sure to click the little “bell” icon by the subscribe button so you’ll receive notification by email when the show is posted and about to go live. Also, you’ll get a message whenever Charlie posts a new video to the channel. There is already a great community of folks text chatting during the program and their chat activity appears next to the live video making it lots of fun.
  2.  Like and Follow Possum’s Big Fiddle Show on Facebook.  Charlie plans to post the link to each evening’s program on that page and you’ll get a notification on Facebook, too. Just click that link to YouTube and you’re all set.
  3. If you miss a program it is available for viewing on YouTube as a regular video just a few minutes after the program ends.
  4. Feel free to forward and share this email.

Direct any questions to bi***********@gm***.com.