Old Friends Get Together – CD Release

by | 10 Jun, 2010

Old Friends – J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson and Paul Williams.

There are few people around today who have had more influence on new and emerging bluegrass musicians over the years that both Doyle Lawson and JD Crowe.

J.D. Crowe and Doyle Lawson have teamed up with Paul Williams to deliver a collection of Gospel favourites which they performed during their stint as members of Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain boys.

Doyle Lawson went to Nashville and got a job playing banjo with Jimmy Martin as Sunny Mountain Boys in 1966, while both J. D. Crowe and Paul Williams were earlier members on the Sunny Mountain Boys from around 1955.

The track listed on the album are:

  1. Prayer Bells of Heaven
  2. Goodbye
  3. The Little White Church
  4. Stormy Waters
  5. Pray the Clouds Away
  6. When the Savior Reached Down for Me
  7. This World Is Not My Home
  8. Voice of My Savior
  9. Lord I’m Coming Home
  10. Give Me Your Hand
  11. Shake Hands With Mother Again
  12. Who’ll Sing For Me

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