News From Rural Rhythm Records

by | 17 Jan, 2011

Rural Rhythm Records will be showing their respect to the Father Of Bluegrass this year with several tribute album projects. The first project is  Blue Moon Of Kentucky –  Instrumental Tribute to Bill Monroe (Father of Bluegrass) to be released on 25th January.

The record company has also announced that Audie Blaylock’s next album will be a tribute album with some very special guest artists who performed with Bill through the years. Audie is currently celebrating a #1 single, Cryin’ Heart Blues, on the January 2011 Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine’s Top 30 Song chart. The single is the title track from Audie Blaylock & Redline’s 2010 chart album.

In June 2011, Rural Rhythm will be recording a live album during the Bill Monroe Memorial Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival held in Bean Blossom, Indiana. Tribute To Bill Monroe – Live at Bean Blossom will feature many Rural Rhythm artists performing some of Bill’s special Bluegrass, Gospel and Instrumental gems.

My father was a major part of the distribution team with Decca and MCA Records for over 30 years starting in the early 50′s.   Bill Monroe was a major part of the label’s tremendous Country & Bluegrass roster through the years, so I literally grew up enjoying Bill’s music and respecting the importance an impact he had on the music world. Bill the man and his music was one of a kind and this 100th year celebration is wonderful way for everyone to take time out of their busy days and acknowledge the impact this pioneer had on the music world for much of the past 100 years – Sam Passamano, Jr. President, Rural Rhythm Records.

In honor of Bill Monroe and the 100th year celebration for his musical legacy, Rural Rhythm Records has developed a Celebration logo (above) that will be used in the packaging of all of their tribute album projects throughout the year.