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by | 5 Jan, 2010 | 1 comment

Here’s some news from Donal Baylor. I caught up with Donal when he made a brief appearance at this year’s Harrietville Festival playing with Bluegrass Parkway’s Tribute Show.

Donal is about to release a new CD which features him on fiddle and guitar. He is also joined by Hamish and Lachlan
Davidson, Steve Gilchrist, Chris Jacobs,  Mick Harrison, Mike St. Clair Miller, Ruth Hazleton, Andy Baylor and Pete Fidler. Pete Fidler also produced the CD.

As well as a new CD in the offing, Donal also announces that he will be playing at this year’s Cobargo Folk Festival with the reunion of Canberra’s The Department of Bluegrass and the Brunswick Music Festival with Bluestone Junction who are supporting US band Uncle Earl.

I was only able to make the Thursday night show at Harrietville recently, but I was amazed how big the crowd was on that night. It seems to get bigger every year and shows that the scene is in great shape.

I am presently putting the final touches to my CD, which should be released early in 2010. I am pretty pleased with it and think it has something that will please bluegrass and old timey music lovers and yet offers something a little different. It’s been a lot of fun planning, recording, and putting it all together and I’m really grateful for the help I have received from my friends – Donal Baylor.

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  1. John

    Now that’s what the Australian scene needs….more product from the top line players. No-one’s ever going to make a fortune, so I would urge all BG & OT lovers to get out and support the Australian artists who committ their time and engery to these projects.

    Great to see, and good luck with the new CD Donal…put me down for one.

    John Werner