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Out of Control Raging Fire

Two of the hottest names in bluegrass, Greg Blake and Amanda Cook, have united their talents in a harmonious collaboration and released a new single, Out of Control Raging Fire.

Anything But The Truth – Thomas Cassell

This new release is the first single from his upcoming album, co-produced by Cassell and Casey Campbell, and set for release this fall (autumn).

The Water Runners Release Murrumbidgee

NSW South Coast band, The Water Runners have released a new song this August called Murrumbidgee, celebrating the flood of 1852 and the heroic deeds of two aboriginal men at the time.

Trad&Now Live Now Streaming

This is the first such service for Australian folk music and is an ideal medium for making Australian folk music available to everyone at any time all around Australia and anywhere in the world as well.