New Website For IBMA

by | 30 Jul, 2011


The folks at the International Bluegrass Music Association have launched a new website at

IBMA is gearing up for the 2011 IBMA World of Bluegrass week in Nashville in September The new site attemptes to be a major step toward a more useful and professional web presence. In similar news IBMA hope shortly to be rolling out a companion service called Bluegrass Nation that will be aimed at attracting fans and building a relationship between those fans and members of the industry.

IBMA staff believe that this will be a valuable resource for everyone. It is currently under development. Stay tuned.

IBMA are also employing a publicist to work with the association tin coming months to help open doors and build relationships with mainstream media for bluegrass.

Clearly anything that aims to bring bluegrass music into the mainstream is good for the industry and us all.