New Video from Nefresh Mountain

by | 1 Aug, 2019

Nefresh Mountain

Nefresh MountainOn July 24, Rolling Stone premiered the new video for Nefesh Mountain’s latest track, A Mighty Roar, from the album Beneath the Open Sky. Joseph Hudak, senior editor at Rolling Stone Country, called the performance gorgeous in an article that accompanies the video.

The song describes the natural world as both a powerful and peaceful entity. Husband and wife team Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff sing first in English and then launch into their signature blend of bluegrass backing and Hebrew lyrics.

For us, A Mighty Roar is a song about being in tune with both the stillness and noise of the universe and at the same time finding our own current and joy in between – Eric Lindberg.

We find ourselves living in challenging times today with rising anti-Semitism, hatred, and intolerance throughout the world, but despite all of it, we can still find immense beauty and hope out there – Doni Zasloff.

The video, which was shot live on location in Marin County, California, features Lindberg and Zasloff atop a cloud-covered mountainside along with bandmates Alan Grubner, David Goldenberg, and Max Johnson. Stunning overhead shots highlight the serene mountains and vast forests that make the video a powerful companion to the song. Lindberg says of the shoot, “The unpredictable ways of nature were true to form that day as we were met with immense fog, some rain, a giant blue sky, and a view of the Pacific which was entirely covered by a low shelf of clouds, all creating a perfect atmosphere for this song.”

The critically acclaimed progressive string band ingeniously blends bluegrass musical stylings with cultural influences from their own Jewish heritage. Lindberg and Zasloff are the pioneers of this new blend of spiritual American music, and they inspire listeners with songs in English and Hebrew alike. Their original songs, whether drawing influence from bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, jazz, or folk traditions, are all “songs of the heart” for writers Eric and Doni, and collectively work to spread the beautiful messages of diversity, oneness, and equality for our world today.

Their most recent album, Beneath the Open Sky, has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, No Depression, and Bluegrass Today.

The quintet is in the midst of a national tour, with upcoming dates from Oregon and Colorado to Massachusetts and Georgia. Beneath the Open Sky is available on all streaming platforms.