New Lost City Ramblers on Southern Style

by | 14 Feb, 2010

PBSNext Tuesday, on PBS FM 106.7 – Southern Style, Jan Dale will be featuring The New Lost City Ramblers through a their 3 disc boxed set recently issued by Smithsonian Folkways to celebrate the Ramblers 50th anniversary.

The New Lost City Ramblers was, in its day, a contemporary old-time string band from New York City. They took their inspiration from the old time or Appalachian, music  that was the focus of the band’s research. The band came to prominence during the Folk era that started in the late 1950’s, and  recorded nine albums in its first four years together. Some say that the New Lost City Ramblers brought old-time string band music to the folk revival before it could rightfully be called a revival.

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