New Home for Mandolin Maker

by | 1 Jun, 2011

I heard about a program on Landline last week where ABC’s Tim Lee interviews Steve Gilchrist on the construction of his house in Victoria. I had wondered if it would be repeated sometime in the future. Quite by chance this morning, Judy Jones put up reference to the story’s transcript and video on the Landline website. Thanks Judy.

An extraordinary house is taking shape on the shores of an ancient and mysterious volcanic crater lake in western Victoria. The building pays homage to the skills of ancient craftsmen, so faithfully in fact that scarcely a nail has been used in its construction.

The massive timber frame, cut from roadside logs that were destined to become woodchips, is held together by wooden pegs. That the house is in harmony with the environment is hardly surprising as its owner is a world-renowned musical instrument maker whose life dovetails neatly with wood.

Read the video and whole article on the Landline website.