New Fiddle Titles from Charlie Walden

by | 27 Jul, 2010

Missouri Fiddle Tunes Volume 1 & 2 – Fast & Slow for Learning

News from Charlies Walden this morning is that he has written two new fiddle books to accompany his recordings of Missouri Fiddle Tunes – Vol. 1 & 2 Fast & Slow for Learning.

The book contains a transcription of all 64 tunes from the CDs. The original recording has been around for nearly 20 years.

Many of my students have used it as a guide to building repertoire and technique in playing Show-Me style fiddling. I’ve always contended that anyone who wants to fiddle should school themselves in the ‘standards’ and many of these are presented herein. These transcriptions are provided as an additional aid in learning the tunes from the recordings. Anyone who notes differences between the recordings and the transcriptions should be patted on the back for being an active and attentive listener.

The book is available at and best of all for my Australian pals is that it can be downloaded, less expensive and zero shipping cost.  Just enter ‘Charlie Walden’ into the search, at Lulu and it will come up.

Also, the CDs are available as downloads from Charlie ‘Possum’ Walden.

The books contain standard musical notation including chords as well as mandolin tablature for each tune.

Charlie has included his own comments on the origins of these tunes along with alternative sources of recordings and tanscriptions. there is also a list of other recordings and books which might prove useful in learning more great Missouri fiddle tunes.