New Board Members for IBMA

by | 5 May, 2015

IBMAElections for several Board vacancies have been completed, and we are pleased to welcome the following new members:

Junior Williams has been elected by Artists & Composers division members to fill the seat vacated by Tim Surrett when he was elected Vice-Chair. The term expires this fall.

Bob Webster has been elected by Broadcast Media division members to fill the seat vacated by David Smith. The term expires in the fall of 2017.

Mike Drudge has been elected by Agents, Managers & Publicists division members to fill the seat vacated by Brian Smith. The term expires this fall. Thanks to these members, and to candidates Randall Franks, Larry Nixon and Sheri Clark for their willingness to serve the IBMA and its members.

The New Board Members Comment:

Mike Drudge – I was honoured to serve on the IBMA Board from 1995 – 2004. First representing the Agents & Managers constituency and ultimately serving as Chairman of the Board/President from 2002 – 2004, I served on the board during challenging times including the move of IBMA events from Louisville to Nashville. Committee involvement included the marketing, education and nominating committees. I place an enormous amount of importance in the role that IBMA plays as the “chamber of commerce” for all things bluegrass and as such, everyone who has some level of interest in bluegrass, no matter how distant, should have a seat at the table. Given the recent bumpy roads the organization has been down, bolstering credibility in all aspects of the organization is job one. IBMA matters, and we need do all we can to maintain the value that it presents to the bluegrass community.

Bob Webster – Worked WAMU radio over 10 years, producing a Sunday gospel bluegrass program. Hosted a bluegrass program each Wednesday. Launching new bluegrass on air program beginning May 6th on WLOE/WMYN AM and in North Carolina Eden/Madison/Mayodan areas.
Completed 2011 Leadership Bluegrass Program. Served on the 2013/2014 Education Committee. Authored four Bluegrass Unlimited articles with fifth underway.
I believe IBMA must preserve our heritage while supporting its evolving nature. IBMA must represent our artists and writers in the most professional manner possible and educate the population regarding the music.
Bluegrass music will continue to evolve and I would like to see the music not lose sight of its roots.
We have an idea of why members of IBMA attend the WOB, but we don’t seem to have much data regarding why others do not. A survey of all members might help us determine our future.

Jr. Williams – My love for the music and people help drive me to take more of a role in expanding our music and try to grow the fan base to include people of different ages and musical preferences. If elected, I would be do my best to see that the organization is well run and well represented. I want to work to bring more light to our music, opening new doors for our artists and making our genre a driving force in the world of music.
I am presently on the board of BoB (Best of Bluegrass), a concert series that precedes the Festival of the Bluegrass in Lexington Ky. I serve in two sub-committees, the Steering committee (advertising & sponsorship development), and the Planning Committee (which organizes a multi-venue showcase). I was also honored to serve as a member of the Awards Eligibility Committee last year for IBMA.
Our music form MUST GROW, in order for future generations to enjoy and participate in it. The “International” in IBMA should be explored more. More emphasis should be shown in helping bands travel to other areas of the world to promote bluegrass as a music form, and the IBMA organization as a whole. We need more members, so why not give every member of IBMA a vote for IBMA Awards? What better way to help grow the membership than by giving them a vested interest in the IBMA Awards outcome?