MySpace Launches Music Section

by | 26 Sep, 2008

The Courier Mail Online reports that MySpace today launched a new music section that allows users to listen to millions of songs for free.

The Courier Mail Online reports: The advertising-supported format by one of the most popular sites on the internet could present the most serious challenge yet to the ubiquity of illegally downloaded music and to the dominance of Apple’s iTunes store in supplying legal music to fans.

The site called MySpaceMusic is supported by the world’s four major music labels, Sony BMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music.

It allows MySpace’s 120 million users to search for a song by title, artists or album, select a track to add it to a playlist, and listen to it using an online music player that features ads. Users can also share their playlists with friends who can then listen to exactly the same songs.

The free tracks cannot be downloaded onto any device. But the player links to’s music store, where users can purchase them for download. The service launches with several hundred thousand songs available but hopes to ramp up to more than the 8.5 million songs offered by iTunes.

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