Music Required For Community Internet Radio

by | 25 Mar, 2011

Suburban FM is an internet radio station that is launching in April 2011

As Suburban FM is a community based internet radio station they require bands that are interested in having their music broadcast over the internet that can be tuned into 24/7
They are seeking to gather a base of 25 talented local bands that have recorded songs. We will then play your music on thier station. In return for the music you’ve provided your band will receive a recorded radio grab where a lead singer from your band is able to say their name and their current album and band contact details.

This will be played within 1 hour of your song being played or right before or after your track is played.

Suburban Australia’s Managing Director Nicholas O’Sullivan This opportunity that Suburban FM is providing will increase the amount of recognition that local and national bands receive for their musical talent. It’s a great win for all the bands that are involved – Suburban Australia’s Managing Director Nicholas O’Sullivan

All enquires to the Suburban FM administrator.