Mumford & Sons On The Rise

by | 6 Mar, 2010

Laura Barton, UK Guardian, Interviews Mumford and Sons

The pub is filling up: City boys in pinstriped suits, women clutching dry white wines; candles are lit on upstairs tables, voices rise to fill the room. In a back booth, far away from the clamour of the bar, four fastidiously attired young men nurse pints of ale. Mumford & Sons are here on a break from a nearby studio, where they have been rehearsing in √ā¬≠preparation for an upcoming tour that will take them from Australia to the US and back to the UK for a run of sold-out dates, and which will likely cement their reputation as one of the best live bands in Britain…

I find it easier to sing songs over and over if they feel honest, if we feel passionate about them. That’s an important thing: we need to be able to feel what we sing every night, and believe it – Marcus Mumford.

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