Mulga Thumpers Recording Club

by | 14 Sep, 2012

Willy Thurbon from Brisbane has advised us that he is kicking of the inaugural performance recording evening at the  Greenslopes Bowls Club Brisbane Saturday 13th October 2012. The evening is called Mulga Thumpers Country Music Recording Club evening with doors opening at 6:00PM.

Entry is $15.00 and the event is based on a fairly unique system where each band or act brings 30 fans to hear them play a 40 minute set of their finest, and  they get a film clip and multi-track recording of their set for free.

Each act receives :

  • 4-camera live Video Clip.
  • 16-track direct-from-stage multi-track master recording.
  • 4-track ‘Digi desk-tape’ – Mixing Desk + Stereo Audience Mics.

Experienced engineers and directors operate the audio and vision systems. The sound engineer does the all important recording mic-up – assigning instruments on to individual tracks on the 16-track digital recorder, while mixing the live sound for the party in the room. The director designs and allocates the four camera positions, operates the central roving-cam & performs the live vision switching for the film clip.

There are still 2 spots available if anyone is interested in participating. If you’d like any more info, please contact me on any of the contacts below: