MountainGrass Progress

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MountainGrass 2013

MountainGrass 2013The newly formed ABOTMA Incorporated has announced that the committee has set out to contact the bands who have made application to the 2013 MountainGrass Festival this past month to determine ABOTMA’s costs to present.  The committee felt it important to provide adequate lead time for bands to plan to attend the event and thus some may not be available until 2014.

As part of ABOTMA’s aims the committee felt it important to try to work with organisers in other cities/towns in November/December, to help contracted MountainGrass musicians recuperate costs incurred from performing at the festival.about the possibility of organising/promoting band tours at other cities/towns in November/December.ABOTMA Inc

The ABOTMA Executive has announced that the MountainGrass Festival will, as a matter of principle in supporting the music industry, attempt pay all musicians (even if the fee is obliged to be minimal figure in formative years).

MountainGrass is scheduled for 22nd to 24th November 2013 and will be held at primarily Feathertop Chalet in Harrietville. Other activities are planed to be staged within the Harrietville township.

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  1. Leonard Cohen

    This would be a good approach for all festivals to consider.