MountainGrass Festival

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MountainGrassFor over 24 years the small township of Harrietville has played host to this annual music festival run by the Harrietville Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music Convention. Last year the event organisers announced that they would no longer be running the annual event and thus it would seem to be the end of the festival. Not content with just letting the event cease, the townsfolk and a few bluegrass and old time music enthusiasts across Australia got together to plan to continue that great work of the past and carry on the towns tradition of hosting what has become Australia’s premier bluegrass and old-time music event.

As the long running festival seems set to continue in the small mountain hamlet under the new name of MountainGrass it is appropriate to acknowledge the great work done by Rod and Judy Jones of (New South Wales)  and Nick and Janet Dear (from Victoria) along with the many volunteers who assisted in organising the last 25 Harrietville Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music Convention’s from 1988 to 2012.

Plans to host the 25th annual festival are being developed by the newly formed Australasian Bluegrass and Traditional Music Association in conjunction with several passionate Harrietville townsfolk and determined business members as well as the Alpine Shire Council. Dates for the festival are set for 22nd to 24th November and information will be available on their website –


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  1. John Tait

    Very pleased to hear you’ve got the “show on the road” for November 2013.
    Well done.