More News From Phill Leadbetter

by | 19 Feb, 2010

Earlier this week, Phil Leadbetter announced his departure from his band Grasstowne. Today he has advised that he will be joining up with with Don Rigsby, Richard Bennett and his son Matt Leadbetter to form a new band, Rigbsy, Leadbetter and Bennett.

Don Rigsby will continue in his own band Midnight Call, and Matt Leadbetter will continue his band Brand New Strings. Phil advises that this will be a side project for them all. Phil, Richard and Don worked together as J.D Crowe’s New South when J.D came back out of retirement in the mid-90s , and they were also part of J.D. Crowe and The New South’s  Grammy nominated album Flashback.

I am really looking forward to playing with Richard and Don again. Two of my very best friends in the world, and it’s so awesome to get to play in a band with these wonderful musicians and singers. I can’t say what a pleasure it is to play in a band with my son Matt as well. I’m hoping to do this for a short term, and then start my own band in 2011 – Phil Leadbetter.