More News From Gibson Guitars

by | 28 Nov, 2009

In a press release from Gibson Guitars this week we hear that Gibson Guitar is fully cooperating with agents of the United States Fish & Wildlife Service regarding an issue with wood procurement. Gibson Guitar Chairman and CEO takes the issue of responsible wood sourcing very seriously. Gibson Guitar makes every effort to ensure that all its wood purchases are legal and is also working to increase the amount of wood purchased from certified sources, including FSC-certified wood. The company will continue to cooperate fully and assist our federal government with all inquiries and information.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, one of America’s leading environmental advocacy organizations with 1.3 million members and on-line activists, has been collaborating for years with Gibson on environmental initiatives. Together with Gibson, NRDC has promoted protection of landscapes, endangered forests, and drinking water quality. We have also worked with Gibson to educate corporations, public officials and the public at-large about the risks we face from environmental threats, in particular those related to the risks posed by mountaintop removal coal mining and global warming. NRDC knows firsthand that the leadership at Gibson is committed to and informed about environmental issues and we look forward to continuing our collaborations with this good and upstanding organization for many years to come. – Allen Hershkowitz, Ph.D.

Global Green USA, a national environmental organization, has worked with the Gibson Foundation for several years in its initiatives to promote smart solutions to global warming including the building of green schools that create healthier and more productive classrooms for kids.  Gibson has helped raise public awareness of global warming issues and has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable business practices. We know Gibson will continue to be a leader in promoting environmental practices and look forward to our continuing work together Global Green USA.