Mike Compton and Steve Gilchrist

by | 12 Sep, 2008

In June this year we referred readers to a feature on Mike Compton and Steve Gilchrist interviewed by ABC radio. That interview included a sound bite which at that stage (according to the website) had limited availability.

The story has surfaced once again on ABC’s website for those who may have missed it or could not access the sound bite.

Mike Compton is regarded as the leading interpreter of the style of the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe. He knew him well and was his mandolin duet partner on what’s thought to be Monroe’s last recording. Steve Gilchrist, on the other hand, has a mentor he never met; Lloyd Loar was an acoustical engineer who designed and made instruments for the Gibson company in the early twentieth century. Monroe famously played one of his mandolins and Loar’s extraordinary work continues to inspire makers and players today.

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