Michael Martin Murphey – CD Release

by | 11 Feb, 2010

Buckaroo Blue Grass II Released 9th February 2010

News from Rural Rhythm Records: Michael Martin Murphey and his Buckaroo Blue Grass friends ride again on the 9th February, 2010 album release of Buckaroo Blue Grass II.  The album expands on the passions of his Grammy nominated album, Buckaroo Blue Grass, creating fully acoustic bluegrass versions of songs about the region to which Murphey has been deeply connected for a lifetime – the American Southwest.

The high lonesome sound in bluegrass music has always appealed to the cowboy soul. Somehow the acoustic instruments used in bluegrass have a drive, energy and expansive quality – an almost mystical wide open country sort of feeling that seems built into the design. You can hear and feel it on Rob Ickes’ country sound in the new version of Wildfire. It seems the American West has produced running-wide-open acoustic musicians like Pat Flynn, Sam Bush, Rob Ickes and Ryan Murphey who have been key in developing the Buckaroo Blue Grass sound as they blaze a trail connecting Cowboy and Western music to Bluegrass by exploring Wild West sonic spaces.