Melonie Cannon Opens Up About Addiction

by | 7 Nov, 2009

MelonieCannonOne of Nashville’s most beloved female vocalists, Melonie Cannon, has announced her recent battle with an addiction to prescription medications.

Melonie was headed to the lowest point in her struggle around October 2008 – the same time as the release of her brand new Rural Rhythm Records album, And The Wheels Turn. The first single, I Call It Gone was already having huge success on bluegrass radio, along with rave album and single reviews.

Melonie describes the experience by revealing:

I was in a dark hole and I didn’t even know it. I became isolated from family and friends. In just a couple of years, I went from being on prescribed medications to being addicted to prescription medications.  It felt like there was no way out because no one would understand what I was going through. Prescription drug addiction has become a huge problem in this country, and I’m not ashamed to talk about it. But with the help of my Daddy, Mom and husband, I gathered the courage to check into a residential rehab facility.

I’ll never forget how alone I had been feeling for such a long time. But to my complete surprise, I had 14 visitors on my first Sunday in treatment. Just when I thought I didn’t have anybody, I had EVERYBODY and they were all still pulling for me and loved me no matter what Melonie Cannon.

In January of this year, the label continued on track with the country radio release of Back to Earth, a duet with country legend Willie Nelson, plus the release of a beautiful music video filmed on Nelson’s Texas ranch. Both songs were extremely successful, with I Call It Gone hitting #1 in the Sirius-XM Top 40 bluegrass song chart and spending 9 months on Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine’s Top 30 Singles Chart. Back to Earth garnered significant adds on Country Radio stations in the U.S. and Europe, with the video appearing on CMT’s Pure 12-Pack Countdown TV program. The Back to Earth video is still on the program’s voting list at

I realize I will always struggle with an addictive personality, Melonie stated. Since I grew up the child of an addict/alcoholic, chaos was the only thing I knew. But instead of trying to point my finger at my Dad, he has now become my inspiration to live right each day. He tried to help me for so long, but one day, he just stopped looking at me. That was the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with.  But today I am working closely with him again and we are talking about our next record. I was so scared we would never work together again, but God stepped in and I stepped up – Melonie Cannon

With the announcement of her recent struggles, Melonie was thrilled that Rural Rhythm Records will issue a special free download of Send A Little Love, another moving song from the album produced by Ronnie Bowman and her Dad, Buddy Cannon.  Bowman and John Scott Scherrill, two of her best friends in the music business, composed this heartfelt tune.

I feel like singing those lyrics to everyone – and let it shine, just like the sun.  Let it pour on down on everyone. That is how I feel like the sun is shining down again.  I love life and I’m so happy to be a part of each and every day, said Melonie.

Rural Rhythm Records recently released a single, Dark Shadows to bluegrass radio via their Fresh Cuts and Key Tracks #5 radio sampler CD. Melonie is thrilled to be back focusing on her career and is looking forward to getting back to touring next year and supporting the album.