Melbourne Music Venues Under Threat

by | 23 Sep, 2009

Bluestone Junction’s Mike St, Clair Miller has brought this issue to our attention. It seems that Melbourne Music venues are under threat from a 10 year old law that has only recently been strictly enforced.

An article appearing in the Melbourne Age this week raises some questions over the application of laws that have actually been in place for some ten years but only recently been enforced, presumably as a result of the growing concern of growing violence in Melbourne’s streets.

The law requires two licensed crowd controllers to be employed for the first 100 patrons at live music events after 9:00pm. Lately some 40 inspectors have been roaming the Melbourne music scene, working for the Compliance Directorate, which was recently established to ensure all licensees abide by liquor laws and license conditions.

The Age’s report cites many publicans of inner-city hotels who are supporting a letter sent to Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson this week. The letter urges the Minister to reconsider laws they deemed unfair and detrimental to Melbourne’s already struggling music and entertainment community.

This legislation appears to be poorly thought out, with the potential to end the live music scene is small music venues. We’ll keep you posted.