Lonesone Whistle by The Roys

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Reviewed by Greg McGrath

This new and emerging band, The Roys, have co-produced this project with the highly accomplished Andy Leftwich. Lee and Elaine Roy have also featured a host of greats on the album including Mark Fain on bass, Justin Moses on banjo, Randy Kohrs on Dobro, Cody Kilby on guitar, Steve Brewster on percussion and Andy Leftwich on fiddle. The album will be available from the 22nd March 2011.

From the opening track Coal Minin’ Man through to the closing song High Road this album evokes a strong sense of down home country with frequent interludes of highly accomplished bluegrass, giving the album an incredibly broad appeal.

The opening track, Coal Minin’ Man is a beautifully crafted piece of writing that leaves one with a strong sense of respect for the coal miner. This is especially so in a world where concerns about the industry grow as a result of the many climate change theories bandied about in our time. Another great composition Give A Ride To The Devil provides us some insight into what happens when you give a ride to the devil, someday he’s gonna want to drive.

Lee and Elaine Roy’s reverence for and influence from legends such Bill Monroe the more contemporary Ricky Skaggs and Dolly Parton shine through in this project. The album was in fact recorded in Skaggs’s own Place Studios in Hendersonville, Tennessee.


The musical arrangements on this album are influenced by and reflect a range of styles including  blues, country and bluegrass. The harmonies are superb and so characteristic of the closeness that can only be produced by family members.

This new group has produced a great album, a must have.

Being with Ricky’s band was inspiring because those guys are awesome. It really makes you want to do better because all of them are amazing musicians as well as amazing people. They love the music and they really put their hearts and souls into it. That’s why we really loved working with those guys – Elaine Roy.

You are going to be a household name – Andy Leftwich.

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  1. wVirginia Bred

    A friend of mine back home in West Virginia turned me onto the Roys song Coal Mining Man and I was greatly pleased. Ive got lots of family down in the mines so it speaks the truth. Thanks for such honest music.