Lloyd Loar Discovery Confirmed

by | 2 Feb, 2009

Earlier this month we brought you the story by Dave Wendler of Wendler Instruments of the family friend who brought in an old mandolin for him to repair, which turned out to be and original Lloyd Loar.

Bill Graham writes for the Mandolin Cafe I thought this as I held a Lloyd Loar-signed Gibson F5 mandolin in my own hands for the first time and soaked up the vibe. It’s almost like a handshake with the master designer of the Gibson Master Model himself, since the sticker inside the treble F-hole bears in ink his bold signature and the date March 24, 1924. That indicates that he inspected and approved this instrument by holding it in his own hands and eying the workmanship, and probably by tuning it up and playing some tunes on it, since he was an accomplished musician as well.

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