Live Music Comeback

by | 5 Apr, 2009

theozAfter years fighting a losing battle against red tape and poker machines, live performance is ready for a return to the Australian hotel scene, writes Ashleigh Wilson, for the Australian.

Wilson writes of a change in attitude in clubs and pubs, a momentum for change driven through the political process, and the need for musicians to get out and hunt down the venues ready to embrace the return to live performance.

He suggests there is a definite return to live music venues in Sydney with its once restrictive entertainment planning laws. It’s happening in other states as well with barriers being removed and the entertainment and hospitality sectors working together.

Little research is available on the topic, so APRA and the AMC are about to commission a study on the economic value of live music in Australia. APRA estimates that less than 10per cent of venues, including hotels, clubs and restaurants, across Australia present live music. The association also estimates these venues spent between $170million and $200million on live music (not including large ticketed concerts) last year. Ashleigh Wilson, The Australian

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