Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy

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Kody Norris All Suited Up

New Video From The Kody Norris Show – Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy.

Rebel Records has announced a new music video from Multi-SPBGMA Award-winning bluegrass group The Kody Norris Show. The video is in support of their current single Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy which they recently performed on their return to the world-famous Grand Ole Opry. Making it’s debut on The Heartland Network earlier today and premiered digitally via The Hollywood Times.  The new video can be seen below.
Let All the Girls Know You're a Cowboy, The Kody Norris Show

The Kody Norris Show are never ones to rest on their laurels, and their creative juices are always flowing. Their approach to videos matches their personalities – dazzling and full of pizazz – and that is on full display here with their latest video for “Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy – Mark Freeman, Rebel Records.

Written by Jim Silvers, Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy paints a picture of a man whose mission in life is to find that special someone. When he moves out west, although in his mind he is the perfect catch, at the end of the day very few see him in the same light. Turns out suits from JC Penney don’t cut it but when shiny gabardine gave way to denim he starts living high, wild and handsome.

Here to complete our album Rhinestone Revival is a different approach to our new focus track, Let All the Girls Know You’re a Cowboy. This video showcases the Kody Norris Show’s fun side in downtown Nashville to help create an Urban Cowboy vibe for this project. We hope our listeners have enjoyed our latest creation from Rebel Records and know that there is another one right around the corner – Kody Norris.

About The Kody Norris Show:

The talented group, made up of frontman Kody Norris, Josiah Tyree, Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris, and Charlie Lowman, finds themselves with a growing legion of fans craving the comfort that comes from their retro look, but equally craving dynamic instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics – all of which can be heard throughout their epic new album Rhinestone Revival.

The foundations of the electrifying four-piece band can be found within the roots of Kody Norris himself, a once inquisitive youngster from Mountain City, Tennessee who would spend hours sitting in the passenger seat of his Uncle Jack’s Chevrolet El Camino listening to the entirety of The Stanley Brothers 16 Greatest Hits tape, wondering if he would ever be able to match the sweet harmonies coming through the speakers.

It was those very harmonies that Norris also would recognize wavering through the rafters of the Baptist church he attended as a kid. There was a bluegrass quartet that would play in the Free Will Baptist Church, and soon Norris became infatuated with the music that could materialize from a banjo and a guitar. So, at nine years old, he picked up the mandolin, and he never put it down.

It was a similar love affair of music for Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris, who started playing classical violin in the fourth grade, but by the fifth grade, she knew it wasn’t for her. Instead, in a quest to differentiate herself from her musical counterparts in her grade school orchestra, she took up the fiddle. She began playing the festival circuit alongside the likes of the legendary Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers and soon became one of the most dynamic females on those festival stages.

It was on that stage she eventually met her husband Kody, who had already gone on to play alongside the likes of Ralph Stanley, Ralph Stanley II, and Joe Isaacs throughout his already impressive career. In 2017, banjo extraordinaire Josiah Tyree signed on with The Kody Norris Show, and soon his old-time clawhammer style fit right into the bluegrass style that the band was becoming known for across the country. And when bass player Charlie Lowman joined in on the fun, armed with a giddiness and love for the music that he plays that soon became infectious, The Kody Norris Show as we now know it was complete – It was musical magic at its finest.

It’s this easy-going nature that became downright illuminated on 2017’s When I Get the Money Made, which was named Bluegrass Album of the Year by the National Traditional Country Music Association. The Kody Norris Show followed it up with 2019’s All Suited Up, which debuted at #7 on the Billboard charts. Now playing over 100 dates a year across the country and around the world, The Kody Norris Show have been part of the University of Chicago Folk Festival and are part of two weekly programs on the acclaimed RFD-TV’s network, The Cumberland Highlanders Show and The Bluegrass Trail.


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