Lessons from Music of The Beatles

by | 6 Mar, 2011

Drawing on Lessons from Music of The Beatles

John Pennell is presenting a seminar via the web on What Bluegrass Songwriters & Artists Can Learn from the Music of the Beatles. It is scheduled for 24th March 2011 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm p.m. US Central time.

Course Description:

Renowned bluegrass songwriter and longtime student of the Fab Four, John Pennell, will examine melody, harmony, rhythm and form used in Beatles songs in a workshop for bluegrass songwriters and artists. Participants will take a look at The Beatles’ early musical influences, as well as the long list of Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr titles that have been cut by bluegrass bands. In the area of performance, Pennell will present information on what The Beatles have to teach about vocal harmony, instrumentation, the use of the guitar, bass playing, rhythm guitar playing and more. Join us for an innovative and fun cross-genre music discussion, with a focus on new ideas for writing and performing.

Participants at IBMA webinars click a link on their computer screens to enter the virtual classroom and then dial into a conference call number or access audio through a computer headset. Questions will be taken throughout the training in a Q&A box located in the corner of each participant’s computer screen.

The fee is US$40.00 for IBMA members or US$50 for non-members. IBMA members are welcome to submit ideas for future webinars to na****@ib**.org“> na****@ib**.org If you have an area of expertise you would like to share at an IBMA webinar, please let us know that, too.

Bandleader Kathy Chiavola said this about the February 2011 webinar on Developing a Business Plan, led by Altissimo! Entertainment’s Al McCree: “Thanks so much for a very informative and highly organized seminar today! I learned so much, it’s hard to pin down one thing…. I need to take the time to do everything you suggested!”

Future Webinars:

  • 24th March 2011 (6:00pm-8:00pm p.m. USA Central): What Bluegrass Songwriters & Artists Can Learn from the Music of The Beatles (John Pennell, presenter)
  • 19th April 2011 (6:00pm to 7:30pm USA Central): Closing the Deal: Sales (Mary Sue Twohy, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country, presenter) For: broadcasters, artists, booking agents, songwriters, merchandisers. NOTE: participants will share a success story before the webinar by email, with the presenter.
  • May 2011: Media Training Masterclass – Making the Media Work for You (Vernell Hackett, Clark Taylor & John Montgomery; Media Maverick, LLC) For: artists, managers, record label publicity, independent publicists, event producers, association leaders who produce events, broadcasters (from the other side of the desk)
  • June 2011: “Sign Me Up!” The Changing Role of the Record Label (presenter?) For: record label reps, artists, managers, publicists, merchandisers, event producers
  • July 2011: Face Time: Getting the Most at Music Industry Conventions Prepping for World of Bluegrass (Dan Hays, IBMA & Henri Deschamps, Mast Farm Inn; presenters) For: artists, part-time and regional bands, agents/mangers, publicists
  • August 2011: Recording Acoustic Instruments in Your Home Studio 101—How to maximize a small investment and transform living space into effective studio space: (Joe Weed, producer, presenter) For: new engineers & producers, artists, new record labels
  • September 2011: Graphic Designs that Pop and Sell For: record labels, merchandisers, event producers, artists, publicists, marketing reps
  • October: Success as a Local Musician For: part-time musicians, fans
  • November 2011: Getting Past Learning Plateaus For: full-time and part-time musicians, educators, fans who play music
  • December 2011: Presenting an Engaging Artist Interview (Katy Daley, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country & Cindy Baucom, Knee Deep in Bluegrass) For: broadcasters

Dates and times subject to change and updates. Email in**@ib**.org“>in**@ib**.orgto confirm information, or to register for a webinar.