Learn The Banjo Style of Hamish Davidson

by | 1 Jul, 2015

Hamish Davidson Banjo Tabs

Hamish Davidson Banjo TabsAfter years of touring and performing one of the most often asked questions Hamish Davidson has received from fellow banjo players is: do you have any Tab for your banjo music?

Hamish spent considerable time documenting his playing of the many Davidson Brothers songs and has compiled them into a book of Tab called “Bluegrass Banjo Davidson Style“.

For those unfamiliar, my brother Lachlan and I have been recording as the Davidson Brothers since 1998, and have formally released eighty-eight songs under our own name. Fifty-three of those tracks are original bluegrass songs and instrumentals. I get very excited hearing people play our songs, I felt that I wanted to make my banjo playing more accessible – Hamish Davidson.

The new publication is available to buy in hard copy or digital download. It is a collection of banjo tablatures of many of the Davidson Brothers’ original songs featured on their albums over the years. The tabs are mostly based on the recordings but, in some cases, the tabs are closer to how they play these songs live these days.

The book contains banjo tab for the following tunes from the albums listed:

  • Born to Play – Born to Play 2009
  • Bottle Cappin’ Back Crackin’ – Blues Wanderlust, 2014
  • City Life – Davidson Brothers, 2007
  • Davidson County – Raised on the Road, 2006
  • Don’t Turn Me Down -Raised on the Road, 2006
  • Double Plugger Strut – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Down Time – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Every Time I Leave – Wanderlust, 2014
  • Find You – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Fox on the Freeway – Born to Play, 2009
  • Fresh Cut Grass – Davidson Brothers, 2007
  • Grass Hound – Wanderlust, 2014
  • Hunter Valley Breakdown – Where I Want to Be, 2004
  • I Miss the Sound of Rain – Davidson Brothers, 2007
  • It’s a Banjo – Raised on the Road, 2006
  • It’s Not Makin’ Love – Davidson Brothers, 2007
  • It’s Time to Go – Wanderlust, 2014
  • Left Hand Drive – Davidson Brothers, 2007
  • Locky & Hagwinkle – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Lost in Amsterdam – Wanderlust, 2014
  • My Heart Can’t Believe My Eyes – Here to Stay, 2011
  • O.M.F.G. – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Raised on the Road – Raised on the Road, 2006
  • Rather Be Gone – Here to Stay, 2011
  • Scrub Turkey – Raised on the Road, 2006
  • Take Me to the Mountains – Wanderlust, 2014
  • Transpacific – Wanderlust, 2014
  • Where I Wanna Be – Raised on the Road, 2006