Leadership In Bluegrass Class of 2012

by | 13 Mar, 2012

The International Bluegrass Music Association has announced the graduating class of Leadership Bluegrass 2012.

Leadership Bluegrass, now in its 13th year with more than 300 alumni, is an intensive, three-day program of interactive learning and networking experiences that invites participants to look at the challenges and opportunities facing our music, along with related leadership issues.

Leadership Bluegrass 2012, hosted on 8th – 10th March, 2012 at BMI and Bone McAllester Norton PLLC in Nashville, Tennessee, was facilitated by Trisha Tubbs.  Each year the people selected to take part in Leadership Bluegrass represent a cross-section of current and future leaders from various facets of the industry, as well as diverse regions of the country and world.

Congratulations to the following graduates:

• Bob Altschuler; Dyer Switch Band, Thirteen Feet of Bluegrass, Educator; Albany, N.Y.
• Jimmy Bowen; Jimmy Bowen & Santa Fe; Lebanon, Tenn.
• Casey Campbell; Belmont University student/Musician; Kingston Springs, Tenn.
• Sonya Robles Cotton; The Louisville Bluegrass Music Association; Louisville, Ky.
• Martha Stracener Dantzic; Quicksilver Productions; Washington, D.C.
• Laurie Dashper; Music City Roots, Bluegrass Underground; Murfreesboro, Tenn.
• Denise Hitchcock; BlueHighways TV; Hendersonville, Tenn.
• Lisa Jacobi; Steel String Session, Lisa Affordable Websites; Copperhill, Tenn.
• Denise Jarvinen; Boston Bluegrass Union, Traditional Music Foundation; Brookline, Mass.
• Russell Johnson; Grass Cats, Red Sock Publishing, The Comfort Zone Recording Studio, New Time Records; Four Oaks, N.C.
• Gerald Jones; AcousticMusicCamp.com; Garland, Texas
• Jamie Katz; PineCone, The Piedmont Council of Traditional Music, Inc.; Raleigh, N.C.
• Rick Lang; Haley Anna Music, BMI; Kingston, N.H.
• Claire Lynch; The Claire Lynch Band; Hermitage, Tenn.
• Michael McLain; Belmont University; Cane Ridge, Tenn.
• Ronnie Norton; Lonesome Highway; Dublin, Ireland
• Chris Oliver; Infinity Luthiers; Springfield, Ill.
• Ross Pomerenk; Acoustic Sound/ Wintergrass; Lopez Island, Wash.
• Daniel Routh; Nu-Blu, Red Squared Audio; Siler City, N.C.
• Gene Skinner; Great Stuff Radio Network; Springfield, Mo.
• Jennifer Strickland; Jenny Lynn Publishing, Rural Rhythm Records; Antioch, Tenn.
• Chris Teskey; WAMU’s Bluegrass Country; Washington, D.C.
• Tony Watt; TheBluegrassUniversity.com, Boston Bluegrass Union; Cambridge, Mass.
• Sharon White; The Whites; Hendersonville, Tenn.
• Kimberly Williams; East Public Relations, The Expedition Show; Sparta, Tenn.

IBMA has also noted their thanks to the following sponsors of Leadership Bluegrass 2012:

Leadership Bluegrass Platinum Sponsors: BMI; The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation; Bone McAllester Norton LLC; Wintergrass Music Festival (Acoustic Sound)
Leadership Bluegrass Patrons: John & Trisha Tubbs
Leadership Bluegrass Family: Nick Barr, Bluegrass Bands Helping Hands, Katy Daley, Arnie Fleischer, Bill Foster, Louis Meyers, Tim O’Brien, Richard Spratt, Anonymous
Friends of Leadership Bluegrass: Claire Armbruster, Fred Bartenstein, Janet Brightly, Tom Brown, Mary Burdette, Jill Crabtree, P. Crist, Regina Derzon, Amy Beth Hale, Michael Hall, Craig Havighurst, Suzanne Hays, Denise Hitchcock, Rienk Janssen, T. Jarrell, Todd Jarzen, Dan Keen, Larry Klein, Tom Kopp, Joan Kornblith, Tim Kruzic, Barry Mazor, Roger C. Moss, Dagfinn Pedersen, Michael Ramsey, Ronnie Reno, Stephen Ruffo, Jerry Salley,  Sheila Selby, Linda Shaw, Jean Spivey, Nora Jane Struthers, Stephanie Taylor, Wayne Taylor, Dana Thorin, Tom Thorpe, Traci Todd, Ashlee-Jean Trott, Angelika Torrie, April Verch, Archie Warnock, Bob Webster, Jon Weisberger, Dwight Worden, Bob Wright

The Leadership Bluegrass Planning Committee this year included Alan Tompkins (chair), Joan Kornblith, Katy Daley, Emilee Warner, Frank Solivan, Jean Spivey, Ben Surratt, Trisha Tubbs (facilitator) and Nancy Cardwell (staff liaison). Joan Kornblith, Ben Surratt, Heidi Labensart and Dana Thorin served on the Selection Committee.  Kelli Catey, from Belmont University, was the facilitator’s assistant.

For information on the next Leadership Bluegrass class, contact Nancy Cardwell at (615) 256-3222 or na****@ib**.org.

Photo Caption: The International Bluegrass Music Association is proud to announce the 13th class of Leadership Bluegrass, pictured here at Bone McAllester Norton on March 10, 2012.  Row 1, L-R: Ronnie Norton, Denise Hitchcock, Sharon White, Jamie Katz, Sonya Cotton, Jimmy Bowen, Laurie Dashper, Casey Campbell; Row 2, L-R: Russell Johnson, Martha Stracener Dantzic, Kimberly Williams, Rick Lang, Jennifer Strickland, Lisa Jacobi, Denise Jarvinen; Row 3, L-R: Bob Altschuler, Gene Skinner, Claire Lynch, Daniel Routh, Tony Watt, Ross Pomerenk; Row 4, L-R: Gerald Jones, Michael McLain, Chris Teskey, Chris Oliver  (photo by Stephanie Taylor)  Note: Contact IBMA for a higher res photo for publication