Last Hour Bluegrass – Blood Kin

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Last Hour Bluegrass

A New Single From Last Hour Bluegrass, Blood Kin.

Morning Glory Music has released the new single from Last Hour Bluegrass, Blood Kin. This is the second single from their upcoming self-titled album, set to release in July. This traditional gospel song is as strong as any hymn you have been hearing in church for years. A tight, mandolin solo digs into the middle and releases into an ode to Jesus and renewal.

Blood KinWhen choosing a song to record, our band will go through a process of picking songs our listeners can appreciate both instrumentally and lyrically. We specifically choose songs with a message that will touch hearts and resonate with fellow believers. The message of Blood Kin communicates the personal story of trusting Jesus and how one becomes as close as possible to Him because of the blood of Christ. As born-again believers, we believe we are, the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:26 KJV) This song is not just a number in a set, but a personal testimony of each of our band members – Caleb Munson.

The track was written by Jeffrey Douglas Moran, and features talented musicians like Bailey Wagner on lead vocal and bass, Caleb Munson on guitar and harmony vocal, James Paquette on resophonic guitar and harmony vocal, Noah Stills on banjo, Andrew Jones on mandolin, and Alec McCallister on fiddle.

Preview or download the new single here.

For more information on Last Hour Bluegrass visit their website.


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