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Larry Sparks

A New Single Sweetheart From Larry Sparks Album It’s Just Me.

Rebel Records has released a new single from bluegrass icon Larry Sparks’ first ever guitar and vocal project It’s Just Me, set for release 31st March.

Sweetheart is a poignant song celebrating a love that lasts a lifetime. You get to me even after all this time dear, croons Sparks in the third verse. Sweetheart comes on the heels of first single Mama’s Apron Strings which currently sits at #5 on Bluegrass Today’s Weekly Airplay Chart.

When I was thinking about what to record for this album, I was drawn to Sweetheart and the touching words the man has for his wife, particularly how he appreciates her through the hard times and the good times. I am singing from my heart to my fans and I hope they will enjoy it – Larry Sparks.

Larry Sparks SweetheartSweetheart was written by Nashville-based songwriter Wyatt McCubbin, who as a youngster growing up in the Dayton, Ohio area worked as a disc jockey at Joe Mullins’ radio station WBZI in nearby Xenia. McCubbin’s songs have been recorded by both bluegrass and country musicians alike including Flatt Lonesome, Joshua Hedley, and Tracy Lawrence among others. McCubbin wrote Sweetheart a few years ago specifically with Sparks in mind. When selecting material for It’s Just Me, Sparks revisited the song and felt it would be a good fit for this format. McCubbin sheds light on the song’s origins below:

When I sat down to write ‘Sweetheart’ I had one artist in mind and that was Larry Sparks. It’s been a dream of mine to hear his iconic voice and guitar on a song I wrote ever since I learned how to play ‘John Deere Tractor’ on my first guitar. I want to thank my great friend, Daniel Mullins, for personally pitching the song to him and I want to especially thank Larry for believing in it enough to record it! – Wyatt McCubbin.

As it’s title suggests, for It’s Just Me, Sparks made the bold decision to step away from a full band sound and let his guitar and voice do the heavy lifting. Recorded at his newly built home studio, it’s just Sparks, his signature 1954 D-28 and his son Larry D Sparks providing subtle backing rhythm on bass. Sparks has curated an intimate, thoughtful collection of songs that deal with cherished loved ones, love denied, the power of faith, and a simpler, less encumbered way of life. For many years, Larry Sparks’ fans have been clamoring for an album with just Larry Sparks and his guitar and on 31st March they will get it.

Listen to/download Sweetheart here.
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  1. Robert P Stone

    like to know what chordes Larry uses for the song sweetheart

    • Greg McGrath

      This would be my take at a quick listen.

      Sweetheart – Larry Sparks.
      Capo 1st Fret and play E
      (E)Sweetheart, I want to say I (A)love you
      You care for (E) me like (B7) only you can do
      You’re a (E)rose that’s (A)unlike any other
      You’re my (E) best friend, (B7) sweetheart, I love you

      [Verse 1]

      We had our (A)hard times, but (E) look at the (A)good times
      In picture (B7) frames scattered all around this (E) house
      I can’t (E) explain the gift you give me every (A) single day
      But if I (B7) could, this is exactly what (E) I’d say

      Other verses the same as V1
      Hope this helps.