L.R. Baggs Anthem Guitar Mic

by | 14 Jan, 2010

L.R. Baggs new guitar micro[hone claims to have captured the essence of the acoustic guitar while providing high feedback resistance.

The publicity reads: It’s not like a mic and it’s not like your guitar, is is your guitar, loud and with a fidelity and dynamics that come from a real microphone. The microphone eliminates any honky or boxy qualities that have been previously associated with internal micing leaving the pure and natural sound of your guitar. The mic mounts onto the guitar’s bridge-plate and provides adjustment via a control panel which fits just inside the guitar sound-hole.

I have not tried one but had struggled for years to get rid of that electric (twang)  from my on-stage sound. My favourite rig currently is a Fishman pickup plugged into a Passac Equaliser (sadly no longer available) and into my SWR Baby Blue amp. That is the best acoustic sound I have ever heard from an electronic system. If the L.R.Baggs mic comes close to that then it’s a winnerGreg McGrath editor.

Click here to visit the website and hear some audio samples of the LR Baggs Anthem.