Kristin Scott Benson With The Grascals

by | 17 Oct, 2010

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine by Larry Nagar

It was not so long ago that women weren’t that welcome in the bluegrass boys club. Recall the controversy over the forward written by Nat Winston in the Earl Scruggs book where he suggested that the banjo was the domain of the male and it was a rare woman indeed who has know the instrument enough to become a virtuoso?

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine has published a wonderful article online which tracks Kristin Scot Benson’s rise through Nat Winston’s now defunct glass ceiling to become one of the foremost women on the bluegrass stage.

There are some amusing quotes in there too:

…a woman with a Martin D28 leading a bluegrass band incited a reaction similar to women riding broomsticks in seventeenth century Massachusetts.

Read the article by Larry Nagar in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine.