Karen Lynne to Record in USA

by | 29 Sep, 2011 | 6 comments

Karen Lynne

Karen LynneKaren Lynne has announced that she will head to the USA to record her next album, to be a Bluegrass Gospel album.

If you enjoyed Karen’s two previous bluegrass albums and enjoy good old-fashioned gospel music then stay tuned.

Karen has also decided to persue the Crowd Funding option. This is a new phenomena emerging from the USA and discussed on Facebook lately, where the artist sets up the ability for fans to help fund the development costs of new recordings by pre-paying for the album before it is produced and released. Thus anyone who likes that idea can contribute and will be thanked in print in the booklet for doing just that. Those who don’t like the idea, can just buy the CD as usual when it’s released. Karen aims to produce a video clip later in the year which will outline the Crowd Funding option. This will be available through YouTube.

With recording costs in Australia at an absolute premium these days, I have decided to take a trip to the USA to record my Bluegrass Gospel album. …I can get the same quality recording for half the price in the USA. I’ve always resisted the urge to go outside of Australia, because I have always wanted to support our Australian industry. However, I have come to recognise that they have never particularly supported me, so it’s time to move on and think of my needs for a change – Karen Lynne.



  1. Bob Marshall

    Hey, Karen, where will you be recording in the US? Nashville I assume. Any chance you’ll be coming to California?

    • Karen

      hi Bob
      Don’t think I’ll be in California,.. It will probably be Nashville or North Carolina,..but you never know,.. stay in touch!! Karen.

  2. Hamish Davidson

    Yes, best of luck Karen! Have fun in America! We always do ;)

    • Karen

      Thanks Hamish,.. Still in the process of deciding where we’ll be doing it,.. But it will happen!

  3. Lachie Davidson

    Good on you Karen! You’ll have a blast and make some great music that’s for sure, that’s what it’s all about!


    • Karen

      Thank you!, I will.