Karen Lynne – CD Review

by | 19 Nov, 2009

WishingWellCoverWishing Well – Karen Lynne

The first thing you notice about this album is the clean sound and a great selection of easy listening songs. Karen has selected a range of songs that suit her vocal range and singing style perfectly.

The other noticeable surprise is the quality of the music behind the vocals and a look at the liner notes explains why. With Rod McCormack, Ian Simpson, Trev Warner, Michel Rose, Mick Albeck James Gillard in tow, Karen Lynne is in great musical company on this album.

The CD kicks off with the title track, Wishing Well (Blues), written by Marshall Willborn – husband and bass player for the famed Lynn Morris and her band. Karen’s version of this song is smooth and silky with an beautiful musical arrangement offered up from the aforementioned super group.

Another track that stands out is Karen’s arrangement of Paul Craft’s Jealous. This may well become a classic arrangement with its unusual bluegrass and jazz feel.

The album also includes Karen’s collaboration work with Richard Porteous, Blue Mountain Rain, a depiction of lost love no doubt inspired by a rainy day amid her home town in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

The remainder of the CD offers up more of the same with some very pleasing musical arrangements, excellent harmonies and high quality musicianship jointly produced by Rod McCormack and Herm Kovac and released on ABC’s new Heartland label.

This album showcases Karen Lynne at her very best. It is little wonder that she has been nominated for and awarded so many accolades during her 20 year career.

Karen has released eight albums, received twelve major awards, been nominated for over forty major awards, completed three international tours, over ten Australian Country Music Radio Chart hits and a number of overseas chart hits, and now a place in Country Music Capital’s Historic Hands of Fame Park,

Karen is doing bluegrass music proud in Australia.