John Hartford Documentary Pt 1

by | 28 Jun, 2011

Back in October 2008 we brought news of a project to create a John Hartford documentary film.  The producers have just released a 6 minute film trailer promoting the work done to date.  The result is already a moving tribute to a man whose life was devoted to music and his love of the river.

More information about the documentary and about the Aereotwang Musical Preservation Project can be found at the website

Producers Marcy Cochran and Sheila Nichols premiered the new trailer for the film at the John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom Indiana, and had some great feedback and responses from attendees. A few tweaks later, now it’s fit for consumption, so feel free to forward this link freely and let all your friends who love John Hartford know about it. Stay tuned for more details about that in the next month.

Producers have been able to finalise work to date thanks to a grant they received from the Foundation for Bluegrass Music in 2010. The foundation saw merit in the project and deemed it worthy of their support.

Sheila and I had a great time attending the John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom, IN earlier this month. The line-up was top-notch, and I have to say it was one of the best festivals we’ve been to in a long time. We took advantage of the opportunity to tape an interview with Tut Taylor, dobro player of the original Aereoplain band, and one of the greats, who performed several times and gave a workshop during the festival. He gave us a wonderful interview, and we look forward to including his comments in the film – Marcy Cochran and Sheila Nichols.

As for the future of the Festival, it’s important to note: there is a movement underway to try and ensure that it can happen again next year, but they will need lots of help helping spread the word, promoting it and funding it. There is already a fund-raiser event being planned at a venue in Missouri in mid-July this summer. For more on that, go to the Festival’s Facebook page or stay tuned here as we will post more details here as they develop.