John Copley Instruments

by | 30 Oct, 2011 | 3 comments

John Copley
John Copley

John Copley

We have heard from John Copley who is a well-respected resonator guitar maker from Canberra and we’ve added him to our Luthier List.

John has been on the Canberra Bluegrass scene since the 1970’s performing on banjo & Dobro with the legendary Tag and the Noose Brothers pioneering bluegrass music around the district for many years. During this time he constructed several banjos and a mandolin and this stirred up a need to keep making instruments.

The lack of quality square neck resonator guitar in Australia led John to build one for himself. The result of this project was so successful that it led to constructing a purpose-built workshop containing all the right equipment This allowed him to pursue his long-held dream of building high-end, custom-made instruments in the bluegrass genre.

Copley instruments include resonator style guitars, 6-string guitars, F5 style mandolins, tenor ukuleles and he offers an instrument repair service.


  1. Justin

    Does anyone have a current phone number for John Copley? The number I have is no longer his & he seems to have let his website expire.

    I assume he still lives in Canberra?

  2. Andrew

    I could not be happier with the service I received from John. The quality of his products are second to none and I would highly recommend John if in the market for a new instrument.

    Andrew – 0434 410 977