JB and Jamie Dailey – Step Back in Time

by | 7 May, 2020

With the release of JB & Jamie Dailey’s highly-anticipated album Step Back In Time, the father/son pair have a new accomplishment to celebrate. The project just hit No. 1 on Amazon Music’s Best Selling Bluegrass Albums chart. To celebrate the milestone, they have also just unveiled a new album cut, Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me.

Fans can order a physical copy of 73 year-old JB Dailey’s debut record here.

JB & Jamie recently channeled their roots with a live performance video (see below) for the song, which was also made famous by Doyle Lawson. During the video, they performed Angels casually in the living room, paying homage to the way they used to jam while Jamie was growing up. It was that inspiration which led Jamie to pursue a career in Bluegrass music, going on to play with Lawson, and ultimately forming the Grand Ole Opry duo, Dailey & Vincent. But the story is coming full-circle with the appropriately titled, Step Back In Time.

What a joy to hear a father and son collaborate on these traditional songs that take us to a different place, and it’s a great place – Cindy Baucom, Knee Deep in Bluegrass.

Despite JB’s current battle with Parkinson’s, the dream-come-true project serves as the singer’s debut album. This inspirational achievement comes after years of singing together, and inspiring Jamie to pursue a career in Bluegrass music. Step Back in Time is available from 8th May.

Even before its official release, media is already raving about the collection, with Billboard / Sounds Like Nashville writer Deborah Evans Price saying, “There are few things more precious than family making music together and that’s just one reason Step Back in Time is such a great record. A collaboration between Dailey & Vincent’s Jamie Dailey and his father JB, the album features such beloved country classics as The Great Speckled Bird and Ashes of Love alongside gospel gems like Mother Prays Loud in Her Sleep. Engaging vocals and excellent musicianship make this a winning album, but it’s the heart at the core that makes it truly special.”

Download the new album here.