JamGrass Music Festival

by | 29 Sep, 2011


Here’s news of another music festival which will have a bluegrass focus according to the news release this week.

The JamGrass Music Festival is to be held on 26th November 2011 at Bella Union at Trades Hall, Carlton Victoria. The inaugural JamGrass Music Festival aims to be a movement including mandolins, guitars and banjos. But according to the website it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard it before.

The inaugural JamGrass Music Festival will deliver a bill of Australia’s hottest new bluegrass and bluegrass influenced bands in a foot stompin’, string pickin’, whiskey drinkin’, booty shakin’ party at the glorious Bella Union @ Trades Hall in Carlton.JamGrass

Organisers have talked to us of their love of bluegrass and are supporters of all the traditional bluegrass events that happen throughout Australia.  But they’ve identified an opportunity to fill a gap between the more traditional bluegrass scene and the wider music audience of Australia, much of which is unaware of the raw power of the genre.

There’s a growing following of progressive bluegrass or  ‘newgrass’ bands in the U.S. which are helping to bring bluegrass music to a new generation of music lovers and we think this is great.  The Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado is a perfect example of an event that continually supports a range of traditional, progressive and bluegrass influenced bands.  These bands highlight the bluegrass traditions within a modern context and strengthen the overall awareness and appreciation for bluegrass music.
From a similar perspective, the JamGrass Music Festival is not strictly about bluegrass, but it seeks to draw on a range of musical styles and influences that will help promote bluegrass music to a new audience. There will be lots of bluegrass classics, but the JamGrass stage will be one that supports musicians to experiment, collaborate and push musical boundaries.  We’ve partnered with Melbourne Music Week to help bring this event to the wider Melbourne music audience and hope this will generate new fans while encouraging more Australian artists to explore this genre in one form or another The JamGrass Team.

So far, support for the JamGrass concept from bands and others in the bluegrass community has been tremendous and there are some exciting artist announcements to make over the coming weeks.  The night itself will be held in a fantastic room with incredible music, great prizes and special guests.