James King Hospitalised

by | 27 Aug, 2010

Australian bluegrass fans will remember James King and his band who traveled to Australia in 2004. We have news from the USA this morning that James has been admitted to the Danville Regional Medical Centre yesterday with blood clots in his lungs and leg. He may be in the hospital until the clots have dissolved and his blood flow returns to normal.

Anyone wishing to  to send get-well-soon cards or wishes are welcome to do so, via Post Office Box 10179 in Danville, Virginia 24543, or via this blog. Send emails viaed****@au*****************.com"> this link and we’ll forward them on.

His condition is stable at this point, but still very serious.  He is not taking phone calls, nor visitors until the infection and clotting subsides.

I will appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and concerns during his recovery.  Thank you and we will see you all down the road. P.S.  I did get him into a ‘Bed By the Window’ – Julie King.