Is Banjo The New Black?

by | 3 Apr, 2010

More and more music is cropping up with significant acoustic influences of late, especially influences from the traditional American music ranks and their origins are not too distant. The likes of the Coen Brother’s movie Oh Brother where Art Thou? has served the genre well in recent years. One cannot discount the influence of bands like the Dixie Chicks parading around the stage with banjo, fiddle, slide guitar and mandolin, all traditional instrumentation in bluegrass and old time music. In Australia we have the young band, The Davidson Brothers taking their style of bluegrass and country to a wider and wider circle of young people.

Fans of bluegrass music are not surprised by the influence. It does seem that more and more pop bands are turning to these traditional sounds, perhaps in an effort to set themselves apart from the mix of noise and percussion that some choose to label as music these days. Who knows, what drives it, but it is certainly good to know that the circle may yet be unbroken.

Jo Roberts from Sydney Morning Herald offers up some comments of upcoming band Avett Brothers in an article called Is Banjo The New Black?

If Mumford & Sons’ recent Triple J Hottest 100-topping success is anything to go by, then North Carolina’s Avett Brothers have timed their own twangin’ tilt at the top perfectly. Even if it has taken them 10 years to get there.

Named artists to watch in last year’s US Rolling Stone and a 2010 prediction in EG by this writer, the Avett Brothers – led by brothers Scott, 33, and Seth, 29 –  have, in more than 10 years of relentless touring, built a broad and dedicated following throughout the US with their infectious amalgam of sibling-harmony-driven pop, bluegrass, country, folk and punk.

…they were drawn to more porch-dwelling sounds and decided to start writing and recording their own acoustic-based material under their own name, with Scott focusing on banjo and Seth on guitar.

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